As an organisation we have been and continue to monitor the ever changing global pandemic situation very closely. A decision has been made to postpone any immediately foreseeable events in-line with current legalisation until such time as social distancing laws and guidance allows by central government.

Reaper Operations is not motivated by money, we do it for the enjoyment of the hobby sport, this is our hobby too and we love it. Our customers / players / Volunteers are important to us and we do not want to place any unnecessary risk on your health and safety or ours.

2020 has proven to be an unprecedented year with serious adverse weather and now a global pandemic. We haven’t taken this decision likely and have done so in order to address the pandemic rather than delay it’s recovery by pretending it’s not happening and the very serious risk it presents to every single one of us. Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. 

We have adopted the view that it would be irresponsible and potentially illegal to hold a recreational activity of 40+ people in a close quarters environment albeit largely outside when schools, pubs, cafes, leisure centres, clubs, coffee shops, gyms and other non essential activities have been given a clear direction to close. It would be extremely difficult to ‘police’ a two metre social distancing and a hand washing rule. It places significant personal responsibility on each and every one of you and will be detrimental to the airsoft experience we have all come to love and our corporate reputation.

As a community we have to ask ourselves is it worth it?

We don’t believe so…..

The quicker we all do our part , the quicker we can resume service and get back to the hobby sport we all love. This is temporary and as soon as we can legally we'll be back for public games.

We will however in the meantime be working on-site where possible to make sure you'll have some new bits of cover and accessible parts of the fort on our return to public games.