This agreement (as defined below) sets out the terms and conditions under which we will provide the Products and or Service (as defined below) to you and should be read collectively with our generic rules pages for guidance.

By "you" or "your" we mean the “Client” as defined below.
By "us" and “we” or "our" we mean REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED (Company Number 11989609) A private Limited company registered in England & Wales. Registered Office: College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7AE. And or it's associate partners and employees.

1. Registration to any of our events are for personal use and you agree that the information you supplied on registration to be true to the best of your knowledge. Except as we may agree, you and or your party must not re-sell or transfer (or seek to re-sell or transfer) the registration in breach of the applicable terms. A breach of this condition will entitle us to cancel your registration without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability.

2. In addition to the registration price your order may require payment of a booking fee per registration, a transaction fees per order and/or other supplementary fees which may apply to the event. Those fees are not refundable except as set out in paragraphs 3, 4, 6, 9, 11 below. 

3. If you register or seek to register more person(s) than the maximum permitted per event, per card or per household, we may cancel all of your registration(s), in which case you will be refunded the ticket price and any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid.

4. To prevent fraud and protect REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED and you, we may carry out checks and/or you may be asked to provide additional information (such as a copy of a credit or debit card statement) after your booking so we can verify your purchase. If we suspect fraud we may cancel any registration. 

5. You must inform us of any change of address, contact phone number or email address, both after registration and before the actual event. Our contact details are below. Our preferred method to contact you is email, so you should take care to provide a current, valid email address and be aware that your email filter settings may treat our emails as spam or direct them to your junk folder.

6. A registration is not complete until accepted by us. We try to ensure all prices are accurate but errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of the registration, service or product have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and we may either cancel the order (in which case you will be refunded any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid) or give you the option of confirming your order at the correct price. 

7. On most occasions the event may be filmed or recorded. Registering of the event affirms your consent to the filming and sound recording of yourself as a participant. If you have any objection, should this happen when you attend the event, please contact a member of the REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED staff.

Cancellation Rights and Refunds

8. Registration cannot be transferred, exchanged, or any deposits refunded once paid for other than for the reasons set out in these terms and conditions. 

Cancellation, change or postponement of an event

9. Decisions to change or cancel events are the responsibility of REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED and the venue operator, this maybe due to factors outside of our control such as, but not limited to the availability of the venue. REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED cannot guarantee to inform you of any change or cancellation of any event or be held responsible for refunds or for any resulting costs you may incur for travel, accommodation, any other related goods or service or other compensation. 

10. You should always check that an event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue. 

11. If we or a venue operator cancel an event or makes significant changes to the venue, date, event timings we will endeavour to try to inform you. This will usually be contact by email. In urgent cases it may be by phone. 

12. If an event is rescheduled, changed or moved, we will  give you the option of either retaining or exchanging your registration for the new date/location, or alternatively claiming a refund. If an event is cancelled by the us or the venue you will normally be offered a refund.


13. If for any reason you are entitled to a refund:

follow the refund instructions otherwise you may not receive a refund. If these require you to return any product(s), do so promptly and within the timeframe communicated to you.

Products should be returned (with copy of the email or letter entitling you to a refund, or a covering note containing your order reference number and contact information) to the specified address by registered post (or an equivalent secure postal method). Please note that the return postage cost is non-refundable.

14. Any refund will usually be paid, using the same method you used to buy the tickets, within thirty (30) working days of the original date of the event or the date that we receive your returned tickets, whichever is later. 

15. For more information about refunds, please contact us.

16. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions applicable to those registrations, the venue or the event. 

17. Any cancellation / refund request(s) for reasons other than a decision by REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED or venue operator to cancel, postpone or change an event shall be subject to a 'transaction' fee as imposed on REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED by the e-commerce merchant service or bank provider (if applicable). We will be unable to accept any requests to cancel, move, change or refund on the day of the event.

Attending an event

18. Admission to an event is at all times subject to any terms, conditions or rules of REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED and the venue operator. If you breach those terms, conditions or rules then we or venue operator may refuse admission or require you to leave the venue. 

19. Amongst other things you will need to comply with health and safety rules and any security requirements (including security searches for the safety of those attending the event if applicable). We or the venue operator will have rights to refuse admission or eject you in certain circumstances and these are likely to include if you are involved with abusive, threatening, drunken or other anti-social behaviour, or carry offensive weapons or illegal or prohibited substances or make unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings. There will often also be rules restricting or preventing the admission of latecomers.

20. We will highlight any terms, conditions or rules relating to the event of which it is aware and which it considers particularly significant, onerous or unusual. This will generally include age restrictions etc. Information on where you can find full details of relevant terms, conditions or rules will be available from us during the online booking process. 

21. Before you finalise your booking, please read all the information that applies to the event and/or product. If you or any member of your party has particular requirements please raise these when booking and we will endeavour to address your query. There can be no guarantee that requirements can be met if notified at the event. 

22. When you receive your confirmation and joining instructions check the details carefully. When attending the event, carry proof of age if appropriate.


23. We may share your personal information with venue operators and others as necessary for the purposes of the event. We will not otherwise share that information for marketing or any other purposes without your consent (as part of the booking process or otherwise) unless required by law.

24. If you have registered, with REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED  and/or any of our associated companies, your interest in receiving marketing or other information and thereby given your consent, you may be contacted with relevant promotions, offers or information that you have expressed an interest in or that might be of interest to you.If you do not wish to receive further material please contact us.

25. We will always respect your privacy and any personal communication between you and ourselves. We will always comply with United Kingdom data protection legislation.


26. By confirming registration it will be assumed that you have fully read and understood these terms in addition to our generic rules page and that you are agreeing to the following Agreement, albeit you will be required to physically sign a copy of this agreement in person prior to being permitted to participate:

It should be acknowledged by all parties that the hobby sport of airsoft inherently has an element of health and safety risk; it is to that end we insist participants read our terms of service & conditions in addition to the generic onsite & in-game rules listed throughout our website. We require our ALL our participants to read, understand, agree to and accept the following Agreement before being permitted to participate.

a. I being of lawful age and in consideration of being permitted to participate in a REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED airsoft event fully understand that I participate entirely at my own risk and the information I have provided is truthful and the to best of my knowledge. I will update Reaper Operations Limited at the earliest opportunity to any changes that may affect my and or person(s) in my booking suitability to participate.

b. I understand that airsoft is an active sport involving the elimination of opponents via the firing of plastic pellets otherwise referred to as BB's from an airsoft gun. I recognise that there are hazards on the site which include, but are not strictly limited to, obstacles, stairways, wooden structures, buildings, ditches, woods, felled trees, deadfall, falls from height (above waist height) and other debris and that the BB's that participants use may cause bruising or break of the skin. 

c. I understand that I will not be permitted to participate in a REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED airsoft event unless I agree, check and subsequently sign a copy of this Agreement. 

d. I hereby declare that the airsoft gun(s) that I will use at the event is to the safety standard required by UK law and within the regulations set by REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED. I agree to use them in accordance with the event organiser, designated safety officers and marshals’ safety rules and instructions; and if found by random checks that the airsoft gun that I am using is not to that standard then I forfeit use of it for the duration of the event or worst case will be asked to leave the event without any reimbursements or refund.

e. I agree to attend the safety briefings and conform to all safety rules and boundaries in force on the site, and to obey all event organiser, designated safety officers and marshals’ safety rules and instructions. I agree that I am responsible for confirming any rules and procedures that I do not fully understand prior to the event. In particular the wearing of the correct safety equipment. I acknowledge that I am to wear protective clothing which fully cover all limbs, wear appropriate footwear with good effective ankle support and full face protection that include appropriate ballistic rated eyewear (EN166b), I acknowledge and accept that it is my responsibility to ensure my attire particularly the eyewear reaches this standard, is undamaged and fit for purpose. If I knowingly or unknowingly choose to wear anything less than instructed then I do so entirely at my own risk.

f. I am aware that pyrotechnics may be used on site which will include high noise and/or light, smoke effects. I acknowledge the potential harm these items may cause to my person and still wish to participate.

g. I agree and declare I do not have any physical limitations, medical ailments, physical or mental disabilities that would limit or prevent me from participating in a Reaper Operations Limited airsoft event. If required I will obtain a medical examination and clearance.

h. I agree to treat all equipment and surroundings with due care and respect, and take sole responsibility for any damage caused by negligence or failure to follow instructions. I fully understand that I am solely responsible for the safety and security of my equipment and vehicle(s) and that REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED will not be held accountable for any damage or loss suffered whilst I am attending or participating in the events(s).

i. I also fully understand that I may be photographed and or filmed during the event and fully permit Reaper Operations Limited to use these images for commercial and marketing purposes.

j. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Country of England.

k. I acknowledge that this Agreement is given with the express intention of effecting the extinguishment of certain obligations owed to me and with the intention of binding my (if applicable) spouse, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns. 

l. I hereby release and forever discharge REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED, its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, assigns, legal representatives and successors from all manner of actions, causes of action, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims and demands for or by reason of any personal injury or property howsoever this may arise or be caused, including injury resulting in death which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of my participation in REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED airsoft event save where such damage, loss or injury may have been caused solely by the negligence of REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED.

27. REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED  cannot be liable in any way for the acts or omissions of others (including venue operators). However, we do not seek to exclude our liability to you for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or any other liability which cannot be lawfully excluded or limited.

28. These terms and conditions do not create any rights or obligations enforceable by or against anyone other than us and you. 

29. The registration to an event and these terms and conditions (and any contractual or non-contractual matters arising in relation to these terms and conditions) are governed by English law and any disputes arising out of any transaction between you and REAPER OPERATIONS LIMITED are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.