The Fort is Reaper Ops’ main location for skirmishes, and offers an intense mixture of tunnels, buildings, and woods. It’s a compact site which means we run most games with a player cap of 40 or less to ensure good fluid gameplay. 

Although there are turrets and hiding places perfect for snipers to plot up, there is never a place on the site where you’re far from the enemy. This means you’re forced into battle and have to stay switched on. It also means that games are usually fast-paced and exhilarating. As an added bonus, it also means there’s not far to walk to respawn, so you can get back in the action quicker.

In reality, ‘The Fort’ or to use it’s proper title; ‘Fort Borstal’, is a former military fort built around the turn of the century to fortify Kent against invasion from the South. It sits high on a hill, meaning that from the bottom end of the game zone you’ll be playing with a sprawling view for miles around across the countryside. Although there are maps and satellite views of the site online, they don’t give a true impression of the fort. Not least because most of it is hidden underground, but also because it’s undergone many changes over the years, seeing varied use as everything from a farm to a prison.

Nowadays, the site is used primarily as a filming location for TV productions, with us as skirmishers being the secondary usage. Unfortunately, this means that we aren’t able to make any permanent installations in the game zone and as such we are limited in what structures and cover we can install to expand on the existing fort and tunnel network. Instead, we’ve made good use of portable builds that we can move and dissemble when required. As time goes on, we will be developing and adding more of these temporary structures to improve the gaming experience.