How To Book:
To book in advance for any game, click onto the game’s listing on our website and then follow the instructions on how to reserve your space.

Game Prices:
We’ve worked hard to get you an affordable price to play. We won’t say it’s the best bit about the site but it’s certainly rather good!

Skirmish Walk-On: £30
Skirmish Pre-Booked: £25

Our standard walk-on price is £30, payable on arrival if you didn’t book. Walk-ons will not be available if the game has sold out in advance. To find out if there’s spaces left, click into the game listing on the website or check our Facebook.

If you pre-book through our website, the price is only £25 and your slot is guaranteed.

999 / Emergency Services Discount
To accommodate the fact you often have cancelled days off and can’t plan ahead easily, our 999 discount is that you can walk-on but pay the pre-booked price of £25 (subject to space being available).