Rental Packages/Players

We now have rental kit, so if you don't have your own gun you can still play. Just select 'Rental Player' on the booking form. For more info click on the 'Rental Packages and Experience Days' page.


Car Park

The Fort has a level gravel carpark, accessed immediately off of the public road. This gives ample space for everyone, and means that you don’t need a 4x4 to get to us. From the carpark, it’s only a short walk through the gates and you’re into the safezone.


Safe Zone

We use two parts of the site as a Safe Zone. Safe Zone 1 is a bunker. That’s about as safe as you can get! When you come into The Fort, immediately on your left you’ll see a set of steps leading down into a concrete underground bunker. In there, you’ll find tables and lighting. No more getting wet or cold in between games! Safe Zone 2 is in the main part of the fort, off to the right hand side and also has tables, lighting, and chairs!



The Fort has an on-site shop. We’re a small site and it’s a small shop. However, we offer most of the items you could need on the day. We’ve worked hard to keep prices down and hope that this means players will support us by buying their BBs, Gas, and Pyro from us as it’ll be cheaper than most online retailers.

Food, Drink, and Pyro is sold by Reaper Ops.

We also have a pop-up shop by Platoon Stores, who bring a selection of goods from their large main store in Rochester. If there's something specific you're after, contact them in advance and they'll be able to sort you out.


Most importantly of all though, we can take card on site! No additional fees, no minimum spend.

Tea and Coffee

Like most sites, we offer hot drinks for free. However, Reaper Ops have taken it one stage further. We’ve partnered with the ‘One Shot Coffee Company’ and ‘Tactical Tea’ to bring you some of the best operator brews available. Both companies are military orientated and taste fantastic. Prepare to have the best cuppa you’ve ever had at a skirmish site. We also have hot chocolate and soup on offer too. Perfect for all those cold morning starts, and they’re all free!

However, being the environmentally conscious people we are you’ll need to bring your own mug/cup with you as we don’t give them out. If you forget, you can buy one in the shop for 10p.


Food and Drink

We do sell a range of snacks and drinks in our shop, as well as usually having some hot soup on the go. However, we are a small site and can’t viably offer a hot lunch without quite a bit of expense. As such, if you want a proper meal you’ll need to bring something with you.



We have a small toilet block on site, but unfortunately no showers. 


Battery Charging

In our shop we have a large multi-charger so we can replenish your batteries during the day if you're running low. Platoon Store also sell a selection of the most common battery types.