Weekender 2019: Dereliction

Weekender 2019: Dereliction

So, we’re hosting a weekender at The Fort. We’ve so many different event ideas, we decided to cram them all into one for you, so there should be enough fun for all the family (or squad).

Saturday sees a full day’s worth of skirmish games, counter-terror scenarios, sniper competition, killhouse challenge, car boot sale, and trade stalls. Which is followed by a player party in the campsite featuring BBQ and Bar in the campsite during the evening. Then Sunday brings a full camo-rules mini-film sim game set in a UK theatre of conflict. Camping available on-site overnight at no extra charge.

Check the individual tabs on our website for more info on the separate elements, or read on here for a summary of the main points.

Amongst other bits of the event, the Key Points are:

Part of Saturday’s events will be a CT Simulation Competition. In teams of 4-6, players will tackle a series of scenarios designed to simulate the sort of situations dealt with by Police SFOs and SF CT teams, with actors playing the roles of hostages, civilians, and attackers. The four scenarios will cover all aspects of armed CT operations, and teams will need to bring their A-game to win, along with good tactics and comms. If coming in a group smaller than 4, we will pair you up with others so you can participate in this.

The main event is called Dereliction, and is set in the UK for a change. The year is 2021, and following a nuclear attack in England, there is no longer central government and the country is in disarray. Renegade military units have tried to seize control of the country’s assets, and the civilians and former police have united to try form a resistance and survive together. Resources are dwindling, and the fallout is shifting. Enter, The Fort.. Dereliction will see both time-based and rolling objectives, command teams, and other elements from battle+film sims.

Camo rules for the civilian team are: Black/Grey/Green/Navy Fatigues, Civilian Clothing, Older-Style Woodland Camo  (such as DPM, Splinter, Flectarn, etc.), or any combination of the above.


Military team options are: Multicam Standard, Multicam Arid, ATACS AU, Desert Camo, or MTP.


There is no solid tan or multicam tropic allowed on either team. Carrier/Vest colour does not matter, but it is preferred if it follows the same camo rules as your clothing.

It should be a good event, and an opportunity to unwind together at the bar in the evening, as well as work together to hopefully win some competitions!

HOWEVER, booking goes live tonight. Please please please, don’t leave it too late and miss out on this as there won’t be any walk-ons.

Tickets are £45, and purchasable through our website. There will be a player cap of 44 total. There is a limit of 6 tickets per booking (if you've got more than that in your group that's fine but please do it on more than one booking).


THE CIVILIAN TEAM IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. If you'd like to come but your friends are on that team, I'd encourage you to book on the military team. Yes, you might be on the other side for the main event but for all the other games during the weekend you'll be able to play together. Even during the main event, it's a small site and small teams so you'll still come face to face quite a lot!


Event Properties

Event Date 31-08-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 01-09-2019 3:00 pm
Capacity 44
Registered 38
Available place 6
Cut off date 28-08-2019
Individual Price £45.00
Location The Fort
We are no longer accepting registration for this event