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Medical Declaration

Airsoft can be physically and mentally intense on occasion and may require significant exertion to play; as a result we require all participants to declare if they have any medical conditions which may affect their health during the event. Please understand that airsoft is a demanding sport and you should always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before playing if you have any doubts or concerns at all about your ability to take part.

Indemnity and Consent

It should be acknowledged by all parties that the hobby sport of airsoft inherently has an element of health and safety risk; it is to that end we insist participants read our terms of service / conditions in addition to the generic onsite rules listed throughout this website. In light of that we require our participants to read, understand, agree to and accept the following declaration statement before being permitted to participate:

I, by checking acceptance, fully understand that I participate in a REAPER OPS airsoft event entirely at my own risk. I understand that airsoft is an active sport involving the elimination of opponents via the firing of plastic pellets otherwise referred to as BB's from an airsoft gun. I recognise that there are hazards on the site which include, but are not limited to, obstacles, stairways, wooden structures, buildings, ditches, woods, felled trees, deadfall, falls from height (above waist height) and other debris and that the BB's that participants use may cause bruising or break of the skin.

I hereby declare that the airsoft gun(s) that I will use at the event is to the safety standard required by UK law and within the regulations set by REAPER OPS. I agree to use them in accordance with the event organiser, designated safety officers and marshals’ safety rules and instructions; and if found by random checks that the airsoft gun that I am using is not to that standard then I forfeit use of it for the duration of the event or worst case will be asked to leave the event without any reimbursements or refund.

I agree to conform to all safety rules and boundaries in force on the site, and to obey all event organiser, designated safety officers and marshals’ safety rules and instructions. I agree that I am responsible for confirming any rules and procedures that I do not fully understand prior to the event. In particular the wearing of the correct safety equipment. I have been instructed to wear protective clothing which fully cover all limbs, appropriate footwear with ankle support and full face protection that include appropriate ballistic rated eyewear (EN166b), I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure my attire particularly the eyewear reaches this standard, is undamaged and fit for purpose. If I knowingly or unknowingly choose to wear anything less than instructed then I do so entirely at my own risk.

I am aware that pyrotechnics may be used on site which will include high noise and/or light effects and that it is my responsibility to inform the site manager of any hearing, sight impediment as well as any other medical conditions I have. I acknowledge the potential harm these items may cause to my person and still wish to participate.

I agree to treat all equipment and surroundings with due care and respect, and take sole responsibility for any damage caused by negligence or failure to follow instructions. I fully understand that I am solely responsible for the safety and security of my equipment and vehicle(s) and that REAPER OPS will not be held accountable for any damage or loss suffered whilst I am attending or participating in the events(s).

I also fully understand that I may be photographed and or filmed during the event and fully permit REAPER OPS to use these images for commercial and marketing purposes.

I hereby totally absolve REAPER OPS, their servants and agents in respect of personal injury or death save where caused by the negligence of REAPER OPS, their servants and agents and in respect of any damage to property or goods howsoever this may arise or be caused.

Payment Information

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