In teams of 4-6, you’ll assume the role of a counter-terror police or SF unit (your choice) and be put through a series of scenarios where the OPFOR are actors, and there’s additional actors playing hostages and civilians.

The scenarios will encompass the variety of roles performed by CT units on UK soil. To be successful you’ll need good tactics, leadership, communications, and fast thinking. OPFOR/CIVPOP will react like real people. This won’t just be a turkey shoot. Loud pyro will be used, so peltors/sordins/earplugs are recommended.

Each scenario will begin with a mission brief from the directing staff so you can elect which weaponry and formation to deploy in, as well as enabling you to make a fast-time tactical plan for the task. You'll then deploy to deal with the situation, which will involve a degree of roleplay so please be prepared to communicate with the OPFOR/CIVPOP you come across, rather than just firing at will. Collateral damage must be minimised, and emphasis will be placed on the preservation of life where possible. Scenarios will end when the CT team is successful, eliminated, or the mission times out.

If you’re coming in a group smaller than 4 people (or on your own), we will help you find another group to pair with. If you’re group is larger than 6 you’ll need to split into multiple teams. This will be heavily ammo limited, and will be scored. Prizes for the winning team, announced during the player party in the evening.

It takes roughly 25 minutes to complete the four scenarios. Comms kit will be provided for those who do not have it. 

We recommend you get into the mindset and dress appropriately as a team, be it emulating your group’s favourite CTU or doing something original. To that end, there will also be a prize for the best team loadouts we see for this simulation (one for best impression, one for best original idea). However, you can of course wear whatever you want.

Closer to the time, all event attendees will be emailed to arrange groups and timeslots for this.

Get training!