The main event of our weekender; Dereliction!

It's the first outing for the new game universe we've created to be used at our special events, and it sees airsoft being taken to a UK theatre of war. On this occasion, it manifests itself as a mini-filmsim by using some of the rules and objective styles often seen at battlesims, but we've tried to keep it simple enough for normal skirmish players to enjoy it too. To find out more, read on..



The year is 2021. Following a brutal series of nuclear strikes, the UK has been left crippled in a post-apocalyptic state. Central government has collapsed, and renegade elements of the military have turned against the civilian populace in a misguided attempt to seize control of the country. Resources are dwindling, and the fallout is shifting. Enter, The Fort..

The crumbling remains of Fort Borstal have become home to the local resistance militia. Using it's fortifications for safety, it houses the fighters and their supplies. Naturally, Chaos Troop cannot allow this to exist and have decided to mount an assault on The Fort with a view to eradicating the civilians within and pillaging their supplies.



The Civilian team consists of citizens from Kent and the surrounding areas who survived the attacks and subsequent disarray. As what was a mostly unarmed populace, they're reliant on the knowledge of the former police and ex-military within their numbers, and operate predominantly guerrilla tactics. They're led by a retired army officer from the town who now heads the local resistance movement, assisted by one of the local police sergeants as his number two. (Picture a UK version of the resistance army in Red Dawn)

Camos Permitted: Civilian Clothing, Grey/Navy/Black/Green Fatigues, Older/Outdated Woodland Camo (DPM, Splinter, Flecktarn, etc.), or any combination of the above.


Chaos Troop (Military)
The military team is formed of renegades from the scattered remains of military assets that were stationed in the South East at the time of the attack. As such, they feature soldiers from a plethora of units including some foreigners who were on secondment and became trapped in the country. Desperately clinging to some semblance of discipline and order, they're led by the infamous Mad Major and his Sergeant. The unit now identifies themselves as 'Chaos Troop'. (Picture a modern day version of the army platoon in 28 Days Later)

Camos Permitted: Multicam Standard, Multicam Arid, MTP, ATACS AU, Desert Camo. NO SOLID TAN



Mission Brief

Dereliction will be split into four missions, each one hour long. Much like a Fighting Fantasy book, the outcome of each mission and the decisions made by each team will drastically affect what happens in the subsequent mission. A fortnight before the event, all ticket holders will be sent an email with a PDF briefing pack which will contain an outline of mission time lines, objectives, and other useful information including designated comms channels. Team Captains will be sent further 'classified' info on top of this, regarding some extra objectives and intelligence.


Game Specific Rules

All of the standard Reaper Ops rules apply, unless overruled/altered specifically in the following list. These alterations only apply to the Dereliction main event and not the other games taking place during the weekender.

-All BBs must be contained within magazines whilst in game, no loose ammo to be carried
-No Hi-Caps or winding mags. This will be low/mid only.
-600 round carry limit for ammo in your primary weapon (pistols excluded)
-No eavesdropping on enemy or staff radio channels, this will be deemed cheating the same as dead-men-talking
-No Rank Badges / Rank Markings except for the designated Team Captain/Deputy (there is a reason!)
-Dereliction will be a semi-only game at all times
-The use of remote-detonated pyro is permitted within line of sight
-You are encouraged to use faction appropriate weaponry, but this isn't enforced
-You are encouraged to use faction appropriate load carrying equipment, but this isn't enforced

There will be a number of mission specific rules that will vary during the day such as medic rules, spawn zones, and life counts. These will be explained prior to each mission beginning.