Remember the first bit in COD4 where you run around the cargo ship mock-up at the SAS base? And like everybody else you kept going again and again to try and set a high score? We’re recreating that in our tunnel network!

However, we’ll be using a bit of pyro to put the pressure on, and as we’re using the genuine IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) targets that SF use, there’ll also be friend targets as well as foe targets so you’ve got to be quick but not too quick!

Fastest time wins, with penalties for missed targets or shot friendly targets. 1st go free, subsequent attempts £1. Profits to RBLI charity. There will be prizes (to be announced) for winners which’ll be presented during the player party in the evening. 

Give it a single go, or give it ten. The choice is your’s!

Move Fast, Shoot Smooth..