After lunch on Saturday, the main part of The Fort will open for some casual skirmish style games. Dip in and out as you wish, run whatever loadout you want. Bonus points for comedy! Subject to what the consensus is at the time, we're looking to run some Zombie Infection games, as well as Battle Royales which have proved popular as of late.

Picture quick, fast paced games that are light hearted and geared towards having some simple fun in the afternoon!

As we near the evening, we will transition to pistol/shotgun only games with a bit of a tactical element to make things even more interesting.


There's not much to say about this segment, as it's all pretty fluid and could basically be summed up as we'll do what you want!

And if you're already tired by this point the campsite will be open for relaxing, with the bar and BBQ opening from the early evening..