This is a traditional target shooting competition. Hosted on Saturday at the same time as the carboot sale, either bring your own rifle or use the one provided.

Shots will be fired from the seated position using a table, at a range of 50 metres. The course of fire is 10 shots within 1 minute. Shoots will be scored and we'll keep a leaderboard, so you'll know if your score gets outdone. That way you can pop back later to try and get 1st place again!

It's free for your first go, and then £1 for subsequent attempts. Profits go to the RBLI charity, and there'll be prizes (to be announced later) for the eventual winners, which will be presented at the player party in the evening.


Are you a sniper? Would you like to be a sniper? Come put your money where you mouth is and support a charity at the same time!


Time to get those sights zeroed perfectly..