Event Game Rules

At Reaper Ops we are strong advocates of safety, and whilst skirmishing is a hobby sport we still promote the attitude that replicas should be given the exact same respect as their larger calibre lead slinging counterparts, to help safeguard the game that we love.

Airsoft is a strenuous and potentially dangerous activity. It should be acknowledged by all parties that Airsoft inherently has an element of health and safety risk; it is to that end we insist as participants read our terms of service / conditions in addition and the generic onsite rules listed throughout this website. 

We highly advise for legal reasons to obtain lockable cases or securely package your weapons suitably whilst transporting or in places where by have a likelihood of being considered public area(s) unless express written permission has been granted and obtained from the relevant authorities.


If a hard copy if required or you are unable to find this information please contact us. 

There will likely be additional unforeseen rules that may be implemented on an ad-hoc basis dependant on the game type. You will be advised of these if applicable during the briefing. Safety rules will be read out during the briefing at the start of each day. Game rules will be read out prior to each game commencing. 



When in the designated safe area(s) all magazines are to be removed from the Airsoft gun. This includes pistols. The Airsoft gun should be cleared before entering.

No dry firing in the safe area(s).

350 FPS Maximum for all airsoft weapons (except sniper rifles)

500 FPS Maximum for bolt action Sniper Rifles (with a minimum engagement of 30m)

No Box or Drum magazines permitted unless on a proper support weapon

Laser sights are permitted (if type approved), and used sensibly. Red only.

(All FPS limits are with .20 BBs. At the start of the day there will be mandatory chrono. Spot checks during the day may also be required. Hot guns will not be permitted. If a player knowingly uses with a ‘hot’ gun or attempts to cheat any chrono test they may be removed from play for the remainder of the day.)



Pyro rules are not negotiable for safety reasons. Ear protection is advised. Free soft foam in-ear protection is available on request. 

All Pyrotechnics not purchased on site must be checked by staff prior to usage. Only products from Enola Gaye, TLSFX, or Cloud 9 will be permitted. Homemade devices are not allowed.

Thunderflashes are permitted for use in up to MK5 size.

Blank Firing Grenades are permitted for use in up to 9mm/.380 size.

Smoke Grenades are not permitted to be used inside a building or underground.

TAG Launchers/Rounds, ’40 Mikes’ are prohibited.

Remotely detonated or tripwire pyro (such as IEDs) is not permitted at skirmish games.

All BFGs must be thrown underarm or posted only and kept low and on the same level of gameplay. You must be able to see where the BFG will land.



The minimum age for a player at Reaper Ops is 18 (14 years with prior agreement - Please contact us). Under 18’s must be accompanied and supervised by a playing adult who accepts responsibility for them.

No blind firing. You must be able to see what you are shooting at. To that end, do not fire out of a hole smaller than A4 if you are within 2 metres of the cover. 

No aggressive, abusive, insulting and dangerous behaviour. Any breaches will result in expulsion from the site without reimbursement or refunds.

No deliberate shots to breakable parts of buildings, vehicles or any other prop(s). Damage to such may constitute criminal damage and you will be liable for the cost(s). Ricochets and accidents do happen, however deliberate acts are viewed differently. 


YOU MUST notify directing staff of any medical conditions or medication you may be taking. This MUST be done at registration. Medication must be kept in your top left hand pocket with any relevant details.

Protective footwear must be worn. No sandals or flip-flops on site. No trainers in game.

You are responsible for your own kit and personal items. We cannot accept liability for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Eye protection must be worn at ALL TIMES except whilst in a safe zone. Suitability of the eye protection will be your personal responsibility. We accept no responsibility for injuries sustained as a direct result of inadequate eye pro. We strongly advise you seek advice from your retailer regarding any ballistic protection rating. IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR EYE PRO IN GAME YOU MUST BRING THIS TO THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THE DIRECTING STAFF. 

Full face protection must be worn at ALL TIMES for players under the age of eighteen (18). Suitability of the protection will be the player’s (or guardian’s if under 18) responsibility. We will accept no responsibility for injuries sustained as a direct result of inadequate full face or head protection. IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR FULL FACE AND OR HEAD PROTECTION IN GAME YOU MUST BRING THIS TO THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THE DIRECTING STAFF!

Alcohol and narcotics are not permitted on site. Any player under the influence of either will not be allowed to play for safety. Any player consuming or in possession of illegal drugs will likely face arrest as well as being banned from the site.

Any knives or melee weapons to be used must be of the type designed for LARP or training that are safe for use in skirmishes. 

Regardless of your intention to use it or not, no genuine weapon or bladed article (be it a knife, baton, etc.) is to be carried whilst in game. 



Orange barriers or markings indicate that an area is out of play. Any boundaries should be treated as ground to sky solid and not be shot over or under, nor crossed.

Regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen, when hit players must call "hit" followed by "dead player walking" with a raised hand and/or gun. 

You MUST NOT whilst dead or out of play inform any players of any strategic information that will forward or assist their game. This is considered both unfair, unrealistic and therefore cheating. 

 Some of our games may include a medic rule, full details of this will be discussed in detail during the site briefing or before specific games. 

Ricochets do not count as a hit. Weapon hits to your active (‘in hand’) gun disable it, if you are carrying a secondary you should switch to that weapon. 

Detonation of an explosive pyrotechnic or green gas type powered BB or Pea ejecting grenade if 'hit' by the projectile is considered a hit.

Detonation of an explosive sound / percussion pyrotechnic (including BFG - Blank Firing Grenade) should be used as and shall be considered as a distraction device only. 

If a grenade is thrown into an area of gameplay, do not go forward to reclaim it if combat is still ongoing or there are enemy in the area. Wait until they pass or are eliminated. 

Cheating will not be tolerated, be it non-hittaking, dead-men talking, or otherwise. Should a player experience cheating they are advised to bring this to the attention of staff in person. "Cheat Calling" is forbidden. 

There will be both non-playing high visibility directing staff monitoring play in addition to covert player marshals.

Head shots are acceptable if that is the only part of your opponent being presented. These shots must be kept to a minimum and only if necessary.

Most games will be run as semi-only, however some game types may allow full-auto. You will be advised by staff as to which rule is in play.  

Deliberate 'Point Blank' or extreme close range shots are not encouraged. Instead if are close enough you should attempt a surrender or melee kill. If neither are viable, you should minimise your shots and aim for non-painful areas such as boots or armour.

There is no ‘bang’ rule.

You can offer a surrender to an enemy player at any time but they are under no obligation to take it. If you do surrender, you are immediately and irreversibly eliminated as if you’d been shot and should raise your hands to indicate this. 

Tapping an opponent’s torso (i.e with a training knife) accompanied with the phrase ‘melee kill’ or ‘knife kill’ counts as an elimination.

There is no obligation to respond to a colour/team challenge, but if you do any answer must be truthful.

Staff will use whistles to signal the start and stop of games. Games will begin on a single whistle and be ended by three, the same as football. 5 rapid whistle blasts indicates a cease fire for safety reasons, and all players should make safe their weapons.