2020 Season Conclusion.

Ladies and gentlemen as the National Lockdown 2.0 draws to an end and the tiered restrictions come into effect Reaper Operations have made the decision not to run any further games in 2020. Kent has currently been designated a tier 3 area, currently the highest level possible. We will re-evaluate our position in the new year. We are of the firm belief that we should all be doing our part to contain the virus, prevent continued social lockdown and hopefully a return to normality will follow. We can not justify large social gatherings in any setting in the current climate. We had previously clarified Airsoft as a topic with government who were clear it is not a sport. It is unfortunately an event like any other.
We will continue to produce content available through Reaper Ops TV 📺
And our merchandise outpost shall remain available on www.ReaperOps.com